Symptoms and causes of illness

At night, people often suffer from sleep disorders, headaches, muscle tension, back pain, anxiety, depression and many other ailments, preventing them from sleeping soundly – and from starting the next day feeling refreshed.

These ailments significantly impair our quality of life, reduce our performance and hinder our physical, mental and spiritual development.

The causes of these illnesses can sometimes be extremely complex, but location-related stress zones such as electrosmog, earth radiation and water veins can play a major role.

Not only can these disruptive factors be the root cause of several illnesses, they can also interfere with their treatment. This means that the effects of treatment measures that should trigger and support the body’s self-healing process are reduced or even fully counteracted by the negative environmental influences. A clear sign of this situation is when the original symptoms of an illness repeatedly reappear following seemingly successful treatment.


Your bedroom as a possible stress zone

As we spend a large proportion of our life in bed, the bedroom is of great importance in this context. Location-related stress zones in the bedroom have an above-average negative effect on our wellbeing due to the sheer amount of time for which we are exposed to them.

We therefore need to identify and eliminate location-related stress zones in order to lay the foundations for the recovery process and enable its sustained success.