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"Experience is the sum of everything we have discovered." - Earl Nightingale

Our aims


GEOenergetic specialises in neutralising the effects of geological and technical stress zones that impair your wellbeing. The most common possible causes of ailments are electrosmog, water veins, earth faults and other forms of geopathic earth radiation. We do not aim to dramatize the risks caused by these stress zones, but to instead present solutions that reduce and, if possible, eliminate the existing stresses.

Our primary objective is to create you an ethereal environment in which the body, mind and soul can be healed and your wellbeing can be sustainably maintained. In doing this, we believe in the importance of personal advice specially tailored to your needs.

Our services


We provide a nationwide network of experienced diviners and conduct professional radiesthetic tests to check your bedroom or workplace for stress zones that could impact your health. Proposals are then created on how to avoid or reduce the stresses.

We detect both the influence of electrosmog and stress zones caused by geological factors. The diviner will visit your home/workplace and perform site analyses and individual radiesthetic tests, for example on your bedding. The test results and recommended actions will be documented and personally discussed with you.

Our work particularly focuses on creating ‘healthy’ places to sleep that are free from interferences.

Our company


GEOenergetic was established in 2004 and has its head office in Hüfingen Hausen vor Wald, Germany. Company founder Jürgen Albicker has worked in the field of radiesthesia with great success since 1997.

The effects of the products offered by GEOenergetic GmbH were significantly proven as far back as 2007 in collaboration with Professor Fritz-Albert Popp’s International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss. Albicker is a member of the geobiological research group Forschungskreis für Geobiologie Dr. Hartmann e.V.

Over the last few years, we have continually improved the products and broadened their uses. The latest addition to our range is the multipolar transmitter, which meets the ever-growing requirements in this area – as can be confirmed by many of our customers.


GEOenergetic’s recommendations, services and products are not recognised scientifically or within the field of orthodox medicine. They are not a substitute for a doctor and should not stop or interrupt therapy and treatment measures. GEOenergetic’s knowledge and experience are solely based on our own empirical findings.